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About Aspira Counseling
Founded in response to community needs, Aspira Counseling thrives to be innovative, creative and socially responsible.   
As a private enterprise personalized care is paramount to engage our clients and raise their trust and comfort level.  
Multiculturalism, bilingualism and acculturation are special areas we are excited to offer and work with.  Respecting client's wishes, as of February 2015 SMART Recovery meetings are offered to interested clients enrolled in drug and alcohol treatment with Aspira Counseling. In addition, Family and Friends can attend to learn how to support their loved ones through substance use or addictive behavior and encourage change.
And there is more... Aspira Counseling is a new form of venture, a stakeholder entrepreneurship dedicated to include individuals, families, organizations and communities as clients.  Providing workshops, training and consulting for businesses/organizations or government.   
And still there is more... Aspira Counseling's most ambitious vision is to provide humanitarian services in the community.  From the start a trained counselor has provided the following:

    Providing long distance assistance to volunteer
 responders and affected individuals during the 2017
 Hurricane Season through the Zello app, assisting people
 in Florida and Puerto Rico.  Use the QR code to access the 
Zello channel for Global Psychological First Aid 
after natural disasters.  Note, the channel is active 
based on availability of volunteers.
    Providing direct assistance during and after the
 Thomas Fire at the Red Cross shelter and the
 streets of Ventura and in response to the
 Montecito debris flow.  The Ventura and Santa
 Barbara community was deeply affected and the
 recovery process is ongoing.  

Experience and education in:
  • Substance abuse intervention and treatment (Certified)
  • SMART Recovery meeting facilitation
  • Family and Friends meeting facilitation (Based on CRAFT & SMART)
  • Relapse Prevention (CENAPS)
  • Acculturation and Ulysses Syndrome
  • Domestic Violence (Batterer' treatment program)
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Crisis prevention and intervention
  • Psychological First Aid (PFA)
  • Parenting and co-custody/high conflict parenting
  • Restorative Justice
  • Psychological First Aid for disasters, refugees and immigrants in transit

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    Flexible hours
    Specialized areas: Alcohol/drugs,     cultural factors, domestic violence,     anger management, mental health     issues & recovery
    Languages: Spanish, German
Support to a family at their consulate while being informed of the death of a close relative through an NGO, the Equipo Argentino de Antropologia Forense.  They identify missing bodies found on their migration route from Central America.
Regular outreach in different communities in collaboration with the General Mexican Consulate of Mexico--providing free material and brief consultations.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) for students at the University of California in Santa Barbara following a tragic shooting combined with vehicular assault and deadly stabbings.  It was a great privilege to assist the bright and caring students alongside professors of the graduate program, the Hosford Clinic and staff from the PACT program.