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ASPIRA Counseling
​Drug & Alcohol Assessments and Evaluations for Court, Social Services, Employment and Immigration Services.
​Ordered to take an assessment?  Going through a divorce and accused of substance abuse?  Have a record and need to show your lifestyle changes?  Need to start treatment but don't know how and where?
Taking an assessment may sound intimidating.  At Aspira Counseling it is important that this process be easy, comfortable and effective to the parties that need the results.  The assessment process helps to determine if there is a substance use disorder or not and recommendations are added to fit the needs of the individual.  
A substance use disorder does not make for a "bad" evaluation, a recommendation for treatment can assist the referring agencies to make an informed decision.  The assessment is done in person, not online, close collaboration with your attorney,therapist, referring agency or consulate is included!

Education Classes on Alcohol and other Drugs
​The class topics are designed to help people understand the risks and progression of problems related to substance use and addiction.  Family members concerned about someone's drug/alcohol use can attend as well as people in treatment or recovery.  The class is very appropriate for people with court cases such as family law, open cases with family services or immigration.  Among the topics covered are: effects on the brain, risk factors for addiction, treatment options, self help and much more.  Upon completion of 12 classes, the participant receives a certificate of completion.  The class can be effectively combined with counseling and self help with the same facilitator.  Confidentiality of those enrolled applies. 
Drug and Alcohol Counseling
Individual counseling can be set up following a screening to determine your needs.  You will meet an experienced Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor ready to provide you support and referrals if needed.  Drug and alcohol counseling has become a specialty area and can be effectively combined with services from therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists or social workers.  At Aspira Counseling, the sessions can go along with education classes, SMART Recovery self help group and Family and Friends self help group.  All services are professionally facilitated.  
The family can be part of the treatment to decrease problems from distrust, anger and disappointment.  Instead, the focus can be on setting boundaries, joining in on recovery goals, improving communication and understanding behaviors related to substance use disorders.  Often family members are the most distraught and need support as well, in particular to learn how to be supportive instead of confrontational.  
Some people wonder what happens in counseling; this can vary from situation to situation.  At the beginning, you might have a lot of questions, may need immediate support and tools to make it through tempting situations;  keeping you motivated to make changes, increasing confidence and skills, learning tools to manage risk situations, thoughts and emotions to learning relapse prevention strategies are all part of the journey for a satisfying life without the need of substance use.  People don't regret their recovery, if anything, they may regret not starting sooner.  Call for an appointment and start right away!

It can be distressing and confusing seeking help or understanding the problems that result from substance use.  A consultation might help guide you and answer some concerns.  This can be for people concerned over someone's substance use such as
    -older or adult children
    -small businesses
There is an abundance of information available on the internet, but with such wast information, it can be confusing as well.  In a consultation, your specific needs and concerns can be addressed and solutions discussed in a collaborative way.
Looking for the right services can be overwhelming and confusing.  For this reason Aspira Counseling offers a range of service from simple consultations to intensive outpatient services. Below you can find a variety of options that can be integrated depending on the needs of the individuals and families.  
Please use the button to the right for first time appointments or to pay for someone else.
Making an Appointment
Your first contact will be with a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor for the State of California. You can make an appointment for yourself or the person you are trying to help.  Let us know your preferred times and efforts will be made to accommodate your schedule if possible.   
You can create your own program with the counselor based on your economic situation and needs.  Many people shy away from the costs of treatment, but by making lifestyle changes there will be considerable savings from spending on alcohol, drugs, loss of income and related health and legal expenses!  You end up investing in yourself, your family and your future.  Your income will be considered in helping you design a treatment program. 
For families, spouses or friends wishing to support a loved one, consulting sessions and the education class can help clarify some of the confusion and despair experienced.  
Make an appointment today, if unsure a consulting session may help clarify doubts, fears and confusion in how to proceed. 

Please use the button at the top of the page to pay for initial consultation, intake or classes.  Sliding scale is offered after the initial session upon verification of financial hardship.  

A closed group for clients is offered every Friday at 6pm, please call for location. Visitors are welcome.  SMART Recovery groups are an alternative to 12 step meetings or a great addition. 
The Family and Friends group is an alternative or great addition to Al-anon.  The group is open to people concerned about a loved one's substance use or behavior addiction, please call in advance for location.  
Neither one of these groups is considered "treatment", those attending are highly encouraged to consider attending the education classes to better understand substance use.  The groups focus on providing tools to cope with addiction, including behavior addictions.  

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