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Some helpful links for related information and service providers 

Alcoholics Anonymous:  One of the most easily found self help programs worldwide with longevity. Combined with education and counseling the chances of a successful recovery is greatly inproved.

Narcotics Anonymous Gold Coast Area:  Using the twelve steps of A.A., this self help group welcomes people with substance use disorders of various kinds.  Same principles apply as in other 12 step groups.

Al-Anon:  A recovery program for concerned and affected family members of people with alcohol problems.  As with AA, recovery quality and chances improve with additional education and counseling.  The family's recovery may support the individual seeking to make lifechanges around their drug and alcohol abuse.

CoDA:  Codependents Anonymous is also a recovery program that adapts the steps of A.A. to the needs of the members.  Codependency has many definitions, generally CoDA members look to improve their boundaries in relationships.

SMART Recovery:  A non-12 step recovery program offers practical tools and dynamic informative groups. Using techniques from the field of psychology, SMART Recovery tools are available online and can greatly compliment AA attendance, counseling and other support measures.


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:  Plentiful information from prevention to recovery.  This government website contributes information available to anyone on current research and trends.

National Institute on Drug Abuse:  Rich with information with graphics, publications, current trends and analysis.  Invaluable for parents wanting to know what their children face and prevent drug abuse in their families.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:  A priceless resource for professionals and lay people alike for information on mental health issues as well as drug abuse.  This site also contains a treatment locator for people needing an intensive program.

United States Department of Labor: Drug Free Workplace advisor, a valuable resource for businesses, substance use is linked to lower productivity, increased absenteeism, cognitive impairment, higher use of insurance and worker's compensation.


Candelaria American Indian Council:  Job training, financial assistance, Pow/Wows, academic assistance and counseling is offered along the California Gold Coast, from Monterrey to Ventura.

City Impact in Oxnard:  This non-profit agency offers therapy, parenting classes based on positive discipline and youth programs.

Cornerstone Counseling:  Offers anger management, batterer's treatment program (52 weeks), parenting, co-parenting classes, psychotherapy and supervised visitation. Contact Scott Barella at 805-582-2619 or visit the website.

Hosford Clinic:  Located on the campus of the University of California in Santa Barbara, worth the drive! Graduate students and professors can provide services in various languages.  Ideal for more complex situations requiring clinical psychology services.

211 Information Referral for Ventura, provided by Interface:  By calling 211 in the Ventura County area, you are directed to a 24/7 hotline that uses their own computer database.  It helps to think of different search options to get more results or results that fit your needs.  For example, if you are looking for a provider that does "drug and alcohol counseling" alternative searches might be "drug and alcohol treatment", "outpatient treatment for alcohol and drugs", "addiction counseling", and then specify if outpatient/inpatient, etc.  It helps to keep in mind that the person on the phone does not know the providers personally or that they have exact information on everything that's "out there".

Ventura County Behavioral Health:  A great resource to get intensive treatment at very low cost. This website links to different services such as mental health and alcohol/drug program (ADP).

Tobacco Free Living, Ventura County:  This website offers information to stop the use of Tobacco. There is a link to the Ventura County Public Health Program "Call it Quits". This program provides direct assistance.

Ventanilla de Salud: This website has information on the location of their public health services and connections to the Mexican government.  The VdS collaborates with local resources and the General Consulate of Mexico in Oxnard.


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime:  website offers statistics, information on interdiction and crimes found to be related to drug trafficking and production such as human trafficking, piracy, money laundering and more.  In addition health related information such as HIV/AIDS is provided since it is often linked to risk taking behavior with substance use.

World Health Organization:  Always an interesting site to explore on current global health issues. Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs of abuse rank high in global health problems.  Here is a link to the Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2011.

Fundacion de Ayuda Contra la Drogadiccion (FAD):  Non-profit private organization that makes information available on interventions in Spain and Latin America.

Federacion Andaluza de Alcoholicos Rehabilitados:  An interesting alternative in Southern Spain to AA, this organization works closely with professionals and is very active in the community with prevention, education and activism.

European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Addiction:  A rich site full of data of drug use in participating countries. Find out what drug is more common using the interactive map or compare prevention and intervention between the countries.

Site Visitor suggestions.  The following links have been suggested by people landing on this website for a number of reasons. To keep the page lean yet informative, some criteria is applied such as relevance, usefulness for potential clients, mutual resource and credibility. 

Quit Smoking Community--suggested by Sarah, she wrote this site was helpful to her brother.  Most counties in the US also offer free counseling to quit smoking, yet it appears that there is online support through this site.  Caution about the 13 best list:  there is not enough research to back up e-cigarettes, reading the description of each item on the list is recommended as they clearly do not endorse some of the items on the popularity list.  Medication to stop smoking should not be mixed with other substances! They do warn on that too.  Always check with a specialist before trying products!

Trusted Heroin Rehab--suggested by Ryan and his mom Angela after doing some research on heroin addiction.  Heroin continues to be a widely used drug.  There are good options for treatment, in particular under medical supervision, knowing the options might increase the likelihood of an individual agreeing to treatment.

Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heartarticle on ACLS website--suggested by Lauren with the Empower Youth Team.  Some people have lifelong disabilities after heavy substance use, note that the body does not differentiate between legal and illegal drugs.  Thank you Lauren and the rest of the team, you rock!

The History of MADD, this website is suggested by Erika and Jenna of a youth center health education program.  The sites covers history, political discord within the organization and it's successes.  The class was promissed a free pizza if the link gets posted!

..... more to come, keep on visiting for updates! Contact us if you wish to be added to this list. 

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