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ASPIRA Counseling
Life Coaching for Personal Goals and Wellness
Available Services
You can explore or define your personal goals and values with a coach at your side to support you, hold you accountable and make suggestions.  Coaching differs from therapy and can be used as a supplemental tool to specify areas you wish to make changes in.  This service is particularly valuable to people that have already determined what changes they desire to make and have the motivation to do so.  It can be particularly rewarding as a coach can assist you in making a plan, provide encouragement, point out blind spots, monitor your progress and help you through the rough spots.  At Aspira Counseling other services, such as crisis counseling, can be integrated to increase your chances at success.
At Aspira Counseling, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Flexibility, caring, discretion and affordability are the hallmark of our service delivery.  Your success is our goal!
If you have any question concerning services or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Additional services can be discussed on a case by case basis.
Conflict Resolution / Mediation
Families, neighbors, employees, renters, we all have conflicts on occasion that just seem hard to get out of.  Why can't we just get along? Because emotions build up and listening becomes a challenge. 
 A mediator can assist in finding common ground and negotiate win-win despite the charged emotions.  In conflict resolution and mediation, the mediator does not make decisions for the parties involved, rather uses listening skills and problem solving strategies.  The mediator guides the parties through the process of reconciliation or the very least, finding a solution that both can live with.  Mediation is a confidential process and often considered more rewarding than a judicial process where someone else, a stranger, decides for you.  
Unique for Ventura and Oxnard, Aspira Counseling also offers "Victim-Offender" mediation, also called restorative justice, for minors.   This is voluntary for all participants and can help the minor negotiate alternatives to criminal charges in non-violent offenses.  This program has shown to be very effective internationally and used as the primary form of crime intervention in some countries to keep youth out of the system and in the community.
Victim-offender mediation gives both parties the opportunity to be heard and restore damages.